How to Batch Convert Apple Email to PDF Format

Hi, I use the default Mail App on my MacBook for my emails and data management needs. I have around 280 emails that I need to export as PDF so I can easily use them in my report. But I am unable to convert Apple email to PDF format since I am not aware of any necessary solution. Kindly recommend any available solution to achieve the same!
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Are you also stuck at this point and don’t know how to proceed? Are you also looking for a solution to save/export multiple Apple email to Adobe PDF? Well not to worry, you are in the right place! In this post, we will provide you with both manual and expert solution to batch convert Apple Mail to PDF. Let’s first understand about Mac mail and PDF to view the benefits of the conversion below:

Overview of Apple Mail and PDF format

Apple Mail app is the default email application of Mac OS. It provides a variety of relevant features and hence, has a significantly large user base. Also, it saves all its data including emails, tasks, calendars, etc, in MBOX format. This allows the Mail app to be much more flexible since MBOX is supported by 20+ email clients globally.

PDF is a platform-independent format which makes it more flexible than most existing file formats. It is safe, secure and can store media contents such as audio, video, links, buttons etc conveniently. All these features make it one of the most common file formats to save, carry and access documents anywhere anytime.

So, it's not a surprise when a Mac user may want to convert Apple email to PDF format to easily access them on any platform. Read further to learn the methods to export Mac Mail messages into PDF format.

I. Save Apple Mail emails as PDF using Manual way

  1. Launch the Mac Mail app on your local machine
  2. Open the email you want to export as PDF
  3. Now, either go to File >> Print or hit Command+P
  4. Click on PDF button and select Save as PDF in the drop-down menu
  5. Choose the location where you want to save the output PDF file
  6. Also, you can fill out other details such as title, author, subject
  7. To specify a password for that converted file, click Security Options
  8. Finally, click the Save button to export the email message into the PDF file


The manual approach seems easy when saving one or two email messages. But when it comes to saving in bulk, it fails drastically. Consider repeating these steps for hundreds or thousands of emails. This approach is not at all feasible to convert multiple Apple Mail emails to PDF format.

II. Expert solution to batch convert Apple email to PDF format

To overcome the major shortcoming of the manual method, we have provided a professional solution that is Mac MBOX to PDF Converter. The tool is developed by professional experts and is infused with all the necessary features required to export multiple Mac MBOX data to PDF format easily. This utility is designed such that even a novice user can operate it with ease. It guarantees a safe, secure and most importantly successful completion of the conversion process in just a few clicks.

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Benefits of using the Tool:

  • It can easily convert Apple email to PDF format in bulk. It will generate an output PDF file for each mail message extracted from the Mail app.
  • It also preserves the data integrity of the messages. That is, everything from folder structure to email attachments is thoroughly maintained after the conversion.
  • The graphical user interface implemented in the tool provides an easy-to-use platform for all kinds of users.
  • The tool guarantees an effortless and risk-free conversion process. There is no risk of data loss no matter how large your mailbox may be.
  • For user convenience, facilities such as naming conventions, date filter and creating separate folders are available in this utility.
  • One can apply complete layout settings including margins, paper orientation, page size, etc to save the PDFs as per your requirements.
  • A free demo version to export 25 Apple Mail emails to PDF format is also available for users to try. You can buy the separate licensed versions or bundle(Mac + Windows MBOX Converter) once satisfied with its working.


Nowadays, the timely conversion of data files is required for various personal and professional reasons. One such situation that arises quite often is to convert Apple email to PDF format. That’s why in this post, we provided both manual and expert solution for user convenience. Readers are free to choose among the given approaches. However, due to the major shortcomings of the manual approach, users are advised to go for the expert solution that is Mac MBOX Converter.

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