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The trivial issue like acknowledgement of Thunderbird data location is quickly resolvable at our premises. You only need to go online and place order for our Thunderbird Store Finder software. By obtaining this software at most economical price, you can obtain all the important information about mails in Thunderbird conveniently.

How to Find Thunderbird Profile Folder

Thunderbird stores its email databases in profile folder. Its location in Windows is:

%USERPROFILE%\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\XXXXXXXX.default\Mail\

However, still there are many, not aware about exact location of Thunderbird mail data. For them, our special creation is Thunderbird Store Finder software.

Where Software Helps

To Find Thunderbird Data File Location

It is easy to find Thunderbird data file location from the machines within a network under different circumstances:

  • User has left the work place without giving pre-information. It is a tough situation for others to make out where particular mail data is. You need to collect info like file path, profile name, machine name, etc.
  • In some cases, you do not even know whether the Thunderbird emails are configured or orphaned, which might cause a difficulty. Here you are importantly required to collect right info so that tasks on that data can be performed
  • Once you avail information about Thunderbird emails, you can make out file size, since Thunderbird support 4 GB file size, once you get to know about Thunderbird file size, you can preventable action to avoid corruption because of file size issue.
  • Another situation could be when you wanted to avail info regarding single domain member in your company as an employee is at out of the way to your reach.

Be Prepared to Find Thunderbird Emails on Computer:

First it is important for a client to get prepared in advance to minimise last minute worries. This is why, here it is suggested to download Thunderbird Store Finder software FREE and see the entire working of the software. You can study the tool and will be able to spend few minutes with the features and processing.

Get Into Action:

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