How to Find
Thunderbird Email Storage Location

Find Thunderbird Email Storage Location and Locate Emails at the Desired Location

The above mentioned situation may be yours some day. To cut down the problem, we devised Thunderbird Store Finder. This tool has brilliant techniques to find out all the emails of Thunderbird from multiple computers in the same domain at one go. After finding appropriate location of Thunderbird files, you can simply save these files at your computer and Transfer Thunderbird Profile Folders easier into another location.

In your organization thunderbird is installed on all the computers, due to some basic requirements your admin decided to move on from Thunderbird but, still not decided which email client will use later on. Now, your task is to find thunderbird email storage location from all the computers added in the network and you are thinking how to do this manually?

Let's Have a Look on

Functionalities of Thunderbird Store Finder

After finding all the emails from Thunderbird, our software enlists all the details of emails that you can save into CSV file format. After being sure that all the emails are availed in list, you can move on for copying Thunderbird emails into local drive of your computer. Whether you are in need to find configured Thunderbird email files or non-configured emails from computers, our software supports both the processes, even it has expertise to find Thunderbird profile location for both type of emails. On the other hand, minimal investment of time for finding location of multiple Thunderbird emails is one of the requirements that you can only fulfill with our Thunderbird Store Finder.

Check the Worth with Trial – Move On For License with Gratifying Pre-estimation

With trial you can check out complete listing of emails at different computers and the list includes “machine name”, “file name”, “file location” etc. If you are satisfy that our tool has expertise to find Thunderbird email folders without any restriction then, get our tool in licensed manner to find profile in Thunderbird and save Thunderbird emails at the desired location.