Explore How to Import Sparrow Mail to Outlook PST

Sparrow Mail was such a big hit when launched. But thanks to Google, its nowhere to be found now. It’s about time to import Sparrow Mail to Outlook, if you haven’t already. Convert the Sparrow mail to PST on Mac and import them in Outlook on any Operating system.

A Concise Prologue On Sparrow Mail: Sparrow was a commercial email client designed for OS X and IOS (originally iPhone Operating System). It became available on Mac App Store on February 9, 2011. After its sale it became the most grossing and top paid app within a day. On July 20, 2012 it was acquired by Google and all the development of Sparrow except bug fixes was ceased.

Necessity To Export Sparrow Mail To PST

Since Sparrow's acquisition by Google, its development has been put to a halt. Therefore, the users left with no other option are migrating their mails to a new email client. One such email client which users prefer is MS Outlook – another commercial email client. Outlook stores its database locally in PST files.

When the user is migrating from Sparrow to Outlook, direct migration is not possible as Sparrow emails are not supported by Outlook. Therefore they need to be converted to PST format.

How To Import Sparrow Mail to Outlook?

There exists no manual method to transfer emails from Sparrow mail to Outlook. Therefore, the conversion is carried out with third-party tools. One tool which is highly recommended is MBOX to PST converter for Mac. The tool efficiently converts all the emails from Sparrow to PST file. Moreover it also supports conversion of Sparrow mails to MSG and EML format that make emails accessible in other email clients. The PST files are easily accessible in all Outlook versions regardless of the Operating system.

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Note: The tool is for Mac Only. The PST files it creates is easily accessible in Outlook for Mac and Windows so users who are staying on Mac or switching to Windows can both use this application.

File Formats Supported By Sparrow Mail: Sparrow email client stores its database in a DB file. These DB files can be located at ~/Library/Application Support/Sparrow. You can find the messages at the location /sparrowdb/messages.db.

Do note that Sparrow saves its mailbox in MBOX format. You may find no extension MBOX files such as Inbox, Drafts, etc. Simply use them while following the below given steps to import Sparrow emails to Outlook:

STEP 1: Launch the software, click on Add File to add Sparrow mailbox or hit Add Folder to add multiple Sparrow mailboxes residing in a folder.

STEP 2: Browse for the Sparrow file stored in your computer. You can select a folder or only a file for conversion, click Next.

STEP 3: Select the PST file format and set the destination folder to save the PST files.

STEP 4: Click Adv Settings to open the following window. Here, select the options such as Date Filters, create single PST file for all the mailbox files and split PST file into multiple smaller files. Save these settings.

STEP 5: Click Export to start the conversion process.

STEP 6: You will get all Sparrow mail messages in Outlook PST file. Now Import PST File into MS Outlook for Windows or Mac as per choice.


Sometimes popularity can also led to one’s demise. That’s what is speculated to have happened with Sparrow Mail. Launched as on eof the most popular email app for Mac, it was left to rot one acquired by Google. Nevertheless, users who are yet to move to other email clients, if you have finally chosen MS Outlook as worthy, here is your way to import Sparrow Mail to Outlook. The article showcases the steps to convert Sparrow Mail to PST along with the location of Sparrow databse, its mailbox format and the way to import the converted file in Outlook. It will resolve your email migration problems in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Can I Import Sparrow Mail to Outlook?


Follow the below working steps to easily import the Sparrow Mail to MS Outlook:

  • Run the software on your Windows system.
  • Now, click on "Add File" to add Sparrow Mailbox
  • Browse for Sparrow files stored in your computer. And, click Next
  • Select the PST file for and set the desired folder to save the PST files
  • Click on the Export button to start the conversion process.


What is the best way to Import Sparrow Mail to Outlook?


Using the automated tool, you can easily convert data from Sparrow Mail to MS Outlook.


What is the location of Sparrow Mail?


Go to the following location to view emails: ~/Library/Application Support/Sparrow


Is there any file size restrictions to export Sparrow Mail into MS Outlook using this tool?


No, this tool allows users to easily import multiple Sparrow Mail to Outlook without any file size limitations.

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