Know How to Convert

Apple Mail To Mac Outlook 2011

Easy Procedure to Convert Apple Mail to PST file and Import data into Mac Outlook 2011 with all mail components.

If you are a user who is looking forward to transfer apple mail to outlook 2011, then you will find this blog very beneficial for you. It is to be noted that there exists no method, be it manual or by third party tools, to directly convert Apple Mail to Mac Outlook.

In this post we have described a way out of this problem. Firstly, the Apple mail will be converted to PST format and then the PST file will be exported in Mac Outlook. Before moving on to the conversion process, let us first have a look at the reasons which tend the users to migrate mail from Entourage to Outlook 2011.

Why to Prefer

Why to Migrate From Apple Mail To Mac Outlook?

There are certain distinctive aspects of Mac Outlook 2011 that the users find it a better option over Apple Mail. Let us just find some:

  • The speed of email sending in Mac Outlook is more than in Apple mail.
  • Integrated support for applications such as emails, calendars, contacts, etc. is provided in Mac Outlook.
  • Search option in Mac Outlook 2011 is much more advanced and the users can even enter their raw queries.
  • Mac Outlook 2011 offers an adjustable reading panel and far better meeting scheduling based on emails that's why users start wondering about how to convert Apple Mail to Mac Outlook.
  • A better grouping of conversations is offered by Mac Outlook. The original message can be found along with the associated replies.

How To Import .mbox Files Into Outlook 2011 For Mac?

As already mentioned, direct conversion of Apple Mail (MBOX files) to Mac Outlook 2011 (OLM files) is not possible anyhow. Therefore, we will divide the conversion process into 2 sections. In the first section, we will convert Apple Mail MBOX files to PST files with the help of a third party tool. Then we will import PST files in Mac Outlook 2011 and save them in OLM format.

Conversion Of Apple Mail To PST Format

This conversion is carried out with the help of third party application. One such tool which can be deployed is MBOX converter. It efficiently converts MBOX files supported by Apple Mail to PST format. The tool is a standalone utility that can migrate MBOX Files in bulk. The tool gives an option to export all the MBOX files in a single PST file or creates a PST file for each MBOX file.

1. Launch the tool and open MBOX file by Clicking on "Add File" option.

2. Export Apple Mail data file into Outlook PST format

Import PST file to Mac Outlook 2011

To import PST files in Mac Outlook 2011, follow the given procedure:

1. Open Mac Outlook and Click File and then select Import.

2. Select Outlook data file (.pst or .olm) and Click right arrow for next step

3. Select Outlook data file (.pst) and press right arrow to move to next step

transfer apple mail to mac outlook

4. Select the file by providing location of Outlook data file and click on the Import button.

5. It will take a while, Click on "Done" once the process is done.

6. Now you can see that the imported mailbox is available under the folder "Junk E-mail"

Note: In this way you will able to convert apple mail to mac outlook 2011. The method is easy to perform and solves how to import .mbox files into outlook 2011 for mac in a simplest way. The Entourage mail user also can follow the same steps to convert entourage database to mac mail.